Ready mixed mortar is a mortar that contains a set-control admixture and is mixed at a central location. Ready mixed mortar can be made in a variety of ways: mixed at a plant and delivered in tubs or in a ready mix truck, or made on the jobsite by mobile batcher/mixer trucks. It can be made using masonry cement or portland cement and lime. Most contractors who use ready mixed mortar say its main advantage is its convenience. Jobsite mixing is not required, there is less mess, the mix is consistent, and one batch of mortar can last up to 2 days. GOOD FOR JOBS WITHOUT WATER A contractor in Pennsylvania was installing foundations for an industrial park and the water lines for the park were not in place. Rather than truck in water, the contractor purchased ready mixed mortar from a company that supplies mortar in mobile batcher/mixer trucks. All the mortar ingredients are stored in separate containers on the truck, including water and the extended-life admixture. FOR BIG AND SMALL JOBS "The only time we don't use it is when the architect won't let us," says masonry contractor Gregg Jacob of Cincinnati. The contractor cites convenience as the major reason he uses ready mixed mortar. Piles of sand and messes in the mixing area are eliminated with ready mixed mortar.