In the last 30 years, concrete block has taken on many appealing faces: split face, ribbed, slump, patterned, glazed, and colored. By combining different blocks, colors, or surface treatments, even more striking buildings can result. Varying the types of aggregates and amount of water in the mix also changes the appearance of block. SLUMP BLOCK To give slump block the rustic look of handmade adobe, the mix is wetter so that it slumps when the block is removed from the mold. SPLIT FACE BLOCK The look of rough quarried stone is created by splitting a double-unit concrete block lengthwise. Thus, each block is unique. FLUTED AND RIBBED, OR SCORED, BLOCK These block create continuous vertical lines, even when laid in running bond. PREFACED UNITS To give a glossy, tile-like surface to a block, manufacturers can use epoxies; polyester resins; ceramic, porcelain, or mineral glazes; or cementitious finishes. COLORED BLOCK Colors can be produced integrally by using different aggregates, cements, or pigments. SCULPTED OR CUSTOMIZED BLOCK Unique patterns and profiles are possible by combining vertical scoring, molded curves, or angles.