The new masonRE Latex 20 cleaner applies as a liquid and hardens to a rubbery film. After about 24 hours, the latex film is then simply peeled away, bringing grime with it. Dust and fine particles are trapped and lifted as the film dries. The heavy-duty cleaner works into pores and is powerful enough to remove soot and nicotine.

Spray or brush-applied, the innovative cleaner can reinvigorate: tile, brick, marble, limestone, sandstone, concrete, plaster, or terra cotta on indoor or outdoor projects, conditions permitting. It is also ideal for preparing masonry for a Cathedral Stone mineral-based finish.

Waterless Cleaner
Unlike most other masonry cleaning agents, masonRE Latex 20 does not require water for surface application, which reduces labor and environmental impact, and is especially important in water-restricted areas, and for reducing runoff in urban areas. After the film is peeled away, a wipe with a damp sponge is all that may be needed.

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