Anyone who mixes and uses mortar recognizes the importance of adding the right amount of sand. Unfortunately, traditional methods of measuring sand tend to be imprecise or strenuous. However, a new device that mounts on a stand next to the mortar mixer makes measuring sand easier and more consistent. Measuring sand by the shovelful can lead to oversanding, which makes mortar difficult to use and weakens bond, or undersanding, which makes mortar sticky and expensive. In fact, the Brick Institute of America (BIA), some building codes, and many project specifications prohibit measuring ingredients by shovel. More accurate measurements are obtained by shoveling sand into 1-cubic-foot wooden boxes or calibrated buckets. But then the heavy box or bucket must be lifted to pour the sand into the mortar mixer. MIXER-MOUNTED BATCHER This batching machine has a hopper that measures either a cubic foot or 1/2 cubic foot of dry or wet sand. The triangular hopper, with its attached handle, rolls on a two-rail track system. An adjustable stand, placed next to the mortar mixer, supports the rails. After loading the hopper with sand and pushing it forward to the end of the rails, the operator pushes up on the handle-automatically opening the door at the wide end of the hopper and releasing 1 cubic foot of sand into the mixer.