The 2009 Most Innovative Products contest features about 100 of the most useful and practical tools and equipment to hit the market since last year's World of Masonry/World of Concrete. To simplify your perusal and voting, the entries are grouped by primary application. Products in the two masonry-related categories - Materials and Tools & Equipment - are described in this article. All the entries are available at

Those at the Las Vegas show can check out the products at the exhibitors' booths or at the MIP display in the Grand Concourse outside the Central Hall and vote while in attendance. Voting is also available at

Masonry Materials

Brick Veneer Shear Anchoring System
This system uses the company's Drill Bolts to anchor brick veneer walls to steel-stud backups. A power tool with a socket drills a precise hole through the exterior sheathing and insulation from inside the building, installs the Drill Bolt, and creates a watertight, airtight seal. Competitive products require installers to saw through the insulation and patch the cut after installing the anchor. The Drill Bolt complies with Canadian and U.S. building code standards.
Heckmann Building Products Inc., 800-621-4140,
World of Concrete Booth S11814.

Weather Barrier and Drainage Mat
The patent-pending WaterWay Plus Rainscreen Drainage Mat consists of a polymer matrix of tangled monofilaments that are heat laminated to a breathable filter fabric on one side, and Dow WeatherMate Plus on the other side. The multilayer product creates a one-step, code compliant, weather-resistive barrier and rainscreen drainage assembly in a single application. It is designed for use with manufactured and natural stone, stucco, EIFS, fiber-cement and wood sidings, masonry, metal, and other wall cladding materials.
Stuc-O-Flex International Inc., 800-305-1045,
World of Concrete Booth S12805.

Waterproof Barrier
The Waterproof & Breathable Plaster provides a completely waterproof barrier. It seals and prevents the ingress of water on either side of the plaster while remaining air-permeable, allowing trapped moisture to evaporate and preventing mold. The pre-blended portland cement-based plaster contains proprietary waterproofing ingredients. Since it is a one-step plastering and waterproofing solution, there is no need for membranes or sealants; simply add water and trowel up. The product is applicable anywhere waterproofing is essential, especially basements.
Izonil, 888-249-6645,
World of Concrete Booth S12851.

Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh
Spiderlath AR is a molten, extruded, alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh/scrim that stands up to the alkaline environment of cement for many years, regardless of cutting, bending, or scraping. Its new tri-directional pattern adds strength to the cementitious material in all directions, with the fiberglass strands bonded together to create a stronger mesh. Rustproof, lightweight, and easy to cut, the system includes a nailing guide/standoff strip that also acts as a gasket system to prevent water from penetrating the vapor barrier. The material can be used in all lathing applications, such as plaster, stucco, stone veneer, and manufactured stone. It also has been used in making concrete countertops and pouring micro-overlays. The product comes with a 50-year warranty.
SpiderLath Inc., 870-725-3902,
World of Concrete Booth S13304.

Masonry Tools & Equipment

Table for Portable Saw
The Han-D-Saw table converts a portable cut-off saw to a table saw. Simply place the saw on the table and tighten the bolts. When a portable saw is needed, loosen the bolts and remove the saw. The saw table, weighing only 100 lbs, can be moved easily.
Push Button Masonry, 563-580-3477,
World of Concrete Booth S13244.

Electric Diamond Cutters
The DCH 230 and 300 Electric Diamond Cutters feature a 2.6-kw motor and a new cutting depth adjustment mechanism. While conventional angle grinders both grind and cut to little more than 2 in., these cutters cut to 3.4 in. and 4.7 in. respectively, or almost twice as deep. Hilti Smart Power regulates motor power and pressure to suit the material being cut, even the toughest, thickest materials such as reinforced concrete, granite curbstone, slabs, bricks, metal beams, and steel pipes. Direct attachment of a vacuum cleaner facilitates nearly dustless cutting.
Hilti Inc., 800-879-8000,
World of Concrete Booth O30874.

Sand/Water Heater
The patented Heat-R-Sand keeps sand from freezing and provides hot water. Custom built to size, it can be placed on the ground or on a trailer. It heats water by an element plugged into a 220-V electrical outlet. Cover it with sand, plug it in overnight, adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature, and heat from the tank radiates up through the sand. Use the dip tower to get hot water for mixing.
Push Button Masonry, 563-580-3477,
World of Concrete Booth S13244.