• Repair mortar tackles tough jobs

    Tech-H2 is a polymer-modified, cement-based, two-component repair mortar that resists heavy traffic, abrasion, harmful materials, and freeze/thaw cycles. The product is used on interior and exterior, above- and below-grade, horizontal surfaces. The mortar handles foot traffic within two hours, and heavy traffic in six hours. It cures to a concrete gray color, and has thermal expansion characteristics similar to concrete. The mortar can be featheredged if the repair area will not be subjected to traffic.

    Atlas Construction Supply Inc., 858-277-2100, www.atlasform.com

  • Line includes 10 mixers

    The Collomix line includes six hand-held mixers and four mixing stations. The mixers make quick work of grout, concrete, mortar, paint, epoxy, and dyes. The hand-held mixers are available in single-and dual-speed models. Four hand-guided mixing stations are available for a more rigid option. All mixers come with 2- to 3-cu-ft bucket capacities.

    Stow Construction Equipment, div of Multiquip, 877-289-7869, www.stowmfg.com

  • Mortar serves decorative and architectural jobs

    CarpenterStone mortar combines the advantages of concrete and wood, and has four times the tensile and flexural strength of concrete. The mortar is suitable for decorative and architectural applications, and can be formed, molded, stamped, stained, painted, and integrally colored. The mortar is fireproof, termite-proof, and freeze/thaw resistant.

    Nycon Inc., 800-456-9266, www.nycon.com

  • Waterproofing product protects concrete masonry

    Nano-Shield OSP is a one-component, inorganic, waterproofing mortar that resists chemicals, oils, fuels, and organic solvents. Add water and apply by brush or trowel directly to clean concrete masonry surfaces, or use a special bonding agent when applying to deteriorated or contaminated areas. This breathable compound provides waterproofing on the negative or positive side for masonry, concrete tanks, secondary

    containment structures, and floors.

    Gemite Products Inc., 888-443-6483, www.gemite.com

  • Mortar formulated for veneer and tuckpointing

    Specifically formulated for veneer applications and tuckpointing of stone and thin brick, Veneer Stone mortar is a contractor-grade blend of portland cement, hydrated lime, and masonry sand. The product is used in mortar joint applications, as a bonding coat to adhere stone to a wall, and as a 3/8-in. to ½-in. scratch coating. Although it comes standard in gray, the mortar can be colored, and a polymer-modified and water-resistant formulation is available.

    The Quikrete Companies, 800-282-5828, www.quikrete.com

  • Compact mixer handles ¾-in. aggregate

    The 12-cu ft Mud Hog MH12 mixer is compact enough to haul in a standard pickup, and has the capacity to hold four bags of mortar that mixes up to ¾-in. aggregate. Adjustable legs provide stability on uneven surfaces. Rubber blades ensure longer wear and decrease batch time, reversible mixing paddles prevent clogging, and vertical mixing paddles prevent splashing.

    EZ Grout Corp., 800-417-9272, www.ezgrout.com

  • Trowelable mortar makes vertical and overhead repairs

    HD-25 is a high-strength mortar formulated for vertical and overhead repairs. It contains portland cement, special polymers, and accelerators to reach 3000 psi within 24 hrs. The mortar achieves a putty-like consistency, can be molded and shaped, and needs only water for mixing. It can be used inside or outside, above- or below-grade, and for structural repairs on parking structures, walls, and columns.

    Dayton Superior Corp., 877-416-3439, www.daytonsuperiorchemical.com

  • Repair mortar works inside and out

    TP mortar is a single-component, dry, polymer-modified resurfacer for interior and exterior applications, including precast concrete, tilt-up panels, curbs, steps, columns, sidewalks, driveways, and walls. Featuring high flexural, bond, and compressive strengths, its thermal expansion characteristics are similar to concrete. The mortar accepts foot traffic in 10 to 12 hrs. The product can be placed from featheredge to ½-in. deep. The mortar is stampable and can be used with integral color.

    US Spec, div of US Mix Products, 800-397-9903, www.usspec.com