Pre-measured for convenience

Premixed Cement-Lime products are convenient, strong, and have an appealing finished appearance. The proportions are laboratory-controlled for consistency, and produced in a sustainable fashion. Use the products for load-bearing or nonload-bearing applications, above- or belowgrade. Available in Type N, S, and M. Holcim. 800-854-4656.

Repair historic structures

Historic Pointing Mortar is a factory-blended mixture of graded sands, hydrated lime, and portland cement. It is formulated to repair and restore masonry structures built before the 1920s, without degrading their historic integrity. Use the mortar to lay or reset old brick and stone. Preblended bags eliminate jobsite problems of inconsistent batches. Amerimix, a div. of Bonsal American. 888-313-0755.

Prepackaged blend

Prepackaged Saylor's PLUS (Portland Lime Uniform Strength) is a cement and lime blend consisting of Type I portland cement and Type S hydrated lime. It is most commonly used in manufacturing concrete block, clay and concrete brick, and natural and manufactured stone walls. Also use Saylor's PLUS for stucco and parging applications. Available in Type N and S.Essroc Cement Corp. 610-837-6725.

Add some color

Portland Lime & Sand / Color (PL-05) is a dry preblended mortar mix containing portland cement, hydrated lime, dried masonry sand, and color pigment. It is formulated for superior bond, workability, and board life. The computer-batching process ensures consistent materials and color from bag to bag. It meets ASTM C 270 requirements and is available in Type M, S, and N.Spec Mix Inc. 888-773-2649.

Restoration grout

Propoint is designed for masonry tuck-pointing, brick and stone restoration, brick panel wall systems, architectural precast walls, grouted tile, and mortared paver systems. The nonshrinking, nonslumping mortar is formulated with all natural components, fillers, and silica sands. Propoint can match any color and strength of mortar, even historic lime putty.Epro Services. 800-882-1896.

Lighten up

990 White Mortar is a premixed blend of portland cement, Type S lime mortar, and sand. Use it in various applications, including brick veneer, clay brick, concrete brick and block, and stone. Its bonding properties and workability make it suitable for interior and exterior, loadbearing and non-loadbearing walls. BMI Products of Northern California Inc. 408-293-4008.