Pump moves grout and shotcrete

The GHP 2000 pump handles grout or shotcrete, and is effective in grouting small ICF projects. The product is powered by a 20-hp gasoline engine and delivers 7 cu yd of grout/hr. It has a peristaltic pump, comes with built-in jack stands to stabilize the machine, and weighs 1000 lb.Monolithic Constructors Inc., 800-608-0001, www.monolithicmarketplace.com

Product performs numerous duties

The Thom-Katt TK 30 delivers a 31 cu yd/hr output and pressure up to 1150 psi. It is designed for mortar and block fill, masonry grouting, pumping stem walls, and shotcrete/general concrete applications. This trailer-mounted pump's S-valve design has outlet end adjustment when tightening is required. Additional features include a hinged hopper, hydraulic remixer, and manual outriggers.Putzmeister America Inc., 800-884-7210, www.putzmeister.com

Low pressure version fills block and door frames

Ideal for filling concrete block and hollow metal door frames, the GP-8A air-powered pump moves most cementitious grout anywhere that high pressure is not required. It pumps up to 9 gpm and uses less than 6 cfm of air. The pump weighs 38 lb and includes a start/stop switch and adjustable speed controls.Kenrich Products Inc., 503-281-6190, www.kenrichproducts.com

Attachment allows use with skidsteer or telehandler

Any skidsteer or telehandler with auxiliary hydraulics can be converted into a concrete pump with the Model RD6536 squeeze pump attachment. This pump requires 15 gpm of hydraulic oil at 2500 psi. It pumps up to 25 cu yd/hr, with maximum pumping distances at 100-ft vertically and 250-ft horizontally. It's used for shotcrete, masonry grout, and aggregate concrete with up to ¾-in. stone.Blastcrete Equipment Co., 800-235-4867, www.blastcrete.com

Model deals with tough projects

The Powercreter Elite 50 handles the rigorous demands of large and otherwise difficult projects, including structural concrete and grouting. The high-output pump features a swing-tube design that provides smooth flow and fast switchover to minimize pulsation. Its hopper grate and optional vibrator are ideal for steel fiber mixes and underground and geotech applications.Allentown Equipment, 800-553-3414, www.allentownequipment.com

Pump serves high-volume jobs

The King Cobra Model 640 is ideal for high-volume shotcrete, structural concrete, and grout pumping applications. It features up to 40 cu yd/hr production capability, 1100-psi maximum pump pressure, and a 101-hp diesel engine. The variable speed, hydraulic piston pump and twin-shifting cylinders ensure smooth operation. It has a full-flow S-tube material valve with reversing capabilities.Airplaco Equipment Co., 888-349-2950, www.airplaco.com

Unit delivers 25 cu yr/hr

The C-30HDN pump has a maximum rated volume output of 25 cu yd/hr and is designed for shotcrete and grout applications. It features a frame-integrated 18-gal. fuel tank and a direct-flow hopper design. Larger inlet valving allows pumping up to ½-in. aggregate and stiff, low-slump shotcrete material mixes.Multiquip Inc., 800-421-1244, www.multiquip.com