Many contractors are familiar with low-lift and high-lift grouting. In comparison, with full-height grouting, you can grout a 24-foot height of wall in one lift at one time. As with high-lift grouting, workers must use cleanouts at the base of the wall to remove mortar droppings and other debris from the cores before grouting. Full-height grouting, though, is quicker, less expensive, and produces better bond to the rebar and masonry units. THE PROBLEMS WITH PLACING GROUT IN LIFTS Three problems result when placing grout in lifts: cold joints; reduced rebar-grout bond; and reduced cell openings. THE ADVANTAGES OF FULL-HEIGHT GROUTING Because every grouted cell is filled in one continuous operation, the grouting operation is quicker and less expensive and no cold joints are created. There also is no loss of bond with the rebar. All the contractor has to do is use the correct grout slump and vibrate the grout to remove voids.