Architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed a concrete masonry system that could be built in unlimited configurations, like Lego blocks. Frank Lloyd Wright designed this system, called Usonian Automatic, in the 1950s. WHAT IS USONIAN AUTOMATIC? Wright designed his masonry system so the concrete blocks could be laid up without mortar. The blocks are held together instead by #3 rebars running vertically and horizontally in the joints. The 1x2-foot blocks are usually 4 inches thick, cast solid or with window openings. The rebars are centered in holes created by semicircular grooves in the top, bottom, and sides of the block. The final result is a decorative block building. IS THERE A FUTURE FOR USONIAN AUTOMATIC? Usonian Automatic was meant to be constructed from manufactured blocks, not handmade blocks. But no manufacturer has ever decided to mass produce the blocks. Without mortar, handmade blocks that vary in dimension are difficult to lay up tightly. Consequently, despite Wright's intent, the system is not simple to build.