United Gilsonite Laboratories is the leader in Do-It-Yourself Masonry Waterproofing products and has been since they developed the DRYLOK brand in the 1950s. Most products are developed out of a need from our customers and this is certainly true of the recent clear masonry waterproofer. The number one question asked of DRYLOK Masonry Waterproofer by do-it-yourself consumers is “Can it be used on floors?” and from contractors, “Does it come in clear?”

Prior to 2014, the answer was “no” to both those questions so UGL went to work developing a clear masonry waterproofer that could be used as a finished coat both for floors and decorative brick and stone work for horizontal surfaces and as a moisture/vapor barrier to floors prior to applying a floor covering.

Since its introduction in March of 2014, the product has taken off. Industry experts are using it for many projects including waterproofing split face block, decorative stone horizontal exteriors and under latex paint. These projects are ideal since DRYLOK Clear Masonry Waterproofer resists 98 mph wind driven rain and is resistant to UV rays. Basement, garage floors and slab floors are also other areas this product is being used prior to applying tile, linoleum and wood flooring.
United Gilsonite Laboratories. www.drylok.com

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