TotalFlash is a complete system that combines a flashing membrane with a mortar-dropping collection drainage mat, weep tabs, drip edge and termination bar into single, easy-to-install panels. The system is proven to cut installation time by up to 50 percent versus field-installed through-wall flashing pieces and parts.

The TotalFlash system provides a free takeoff service, bid help and custom panel sizing for wall openings. The CompleteFlash line of pre-formed 14-inch high Corner Boots and end dams, plus compatible sealants allow designers to specify a complete a flashing system, and make it easy for contractors to improve flashing quality while cutting installation time.

Available in 5-foot, 6-inch panels and 50-foot rolls, TotalFlash is applicable in all flashing locations, including base of wall, parapet walls and above bond beams, wall openings and structural steel members. Key TotalFlash features include a 90-percent open-weave polyester mesh mortar dropping collection mat and weep tabs, and a standard height of 18 inches.

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