This article is a pictorial of brick sculpture with accompanying text. Brick sculptors fashion green brick into as many different images as there are techniques for sculpting. They work with handmade and machine-made brick to create a sculpture. They work beneath (intaglio) or above the surface. They add color and dimension with glazes and textures. They introduce other materials, such as brass and gold, to accentuate the natural beauty of brick and draw attention to its flexibility. They are limited by one thing only--imagination. Sculptors represented in this piece include: Syma, Donna Dobberfuhl, Dennis Cocchio, Kathryn McCleery, John Spofforth, James E. Stephenson Jr., Jay Tschetter, Patricia Turlington, Kris King, Mara Smith, Miriam Simms Stack, Margaret Ross Tolbert, Saunders Schultz, Sue Landerman, Allen Moran, and James Marshall.