For 30 years, Vet-O-Vitz Masonry Systems has been prefabricating brick panels, making brick do things that are impossible or extremely expensive to do in the field. Brick panels offer many advantages for restoration and rehabilitation: they're erected quickly; they can duplicate the previous brick type and color; and the scaffolding used to remove the old panels can be used to install the new ones. SPEED AND QUALITY Prefabricated brick panels also can enclose a building quicker than laying masonry on the job. The faster construction doesn't sacrifice quality though. Working indoors in a controlled environment, bricklayers can do better work. THE PANEL RECIPE So that panels can be stripped from jigs and moved to storage a day after they're built, mortar and grout are made with Type III high-early-strength portland cement. A nonchloride water repellent and water reducing admixtures also are used in the mortar, and a nonchloride, nonshrinkage admixture is used in the grout. The panels are built to a minimum masonry compressive strength of 5000 psi. For added insurance against corrosion, panels are reinforced with epoxy-coated rebars.