Reduce Water Damage

The Paratec System provides strength to low parapet masonry walls without the need to rebuild or damage the walls. This system is targeted to older masonry structure problems that are subject to wind loading, seismic movement, vehicular impact, and foundation subsidence. It uses wet diamond drilling techniques to reduce or eliminate water damage during concrete wet drilling.

Cintec Canada. 800-363-6066.

Remote Tool Kit

The Remote Jobsite Tool Kit keeps track of where each tool is at all times. This system is based on barcode technology and is part of Toolroom. Other Toolroom options are: maintenance scheduler, inventory control software, wireless time and attendance, and job costing.

Dynamic Systems Inc. 800-342-3999.

Heated Jacket

Designed to warm the body and stimulate blood circulation during cold weather, the M12 Realtree AP Heated Jacket is equipped with three carbon fiber heating zones. It is powered by a RED Lithium battery technology to keep the heat flowing up to six hours on a single battery charge.

Milwaukee. 800-SAW-DUST.

Portable gas saw floor cart

Small cutting jobs requiring the flexibility of a hand-held gas saw and the precision cut and performance of a larger dedicated floor saw, can rely on the Hilti DSH-FSC Gas Saw Floor Cart. With a maximum cutting depth of 5 ¾-in. (16-in. saw), this product is deal for cutting wet or dry masonry. The gas saw floor cart also comes with a gravity feed water container that makes the cart portable.

Hilti. 800-461-3028.

Telescopic booms

The Genie S-40 and S-45 telescopic booms use the “four-point” Trax track drive system that reduces damage to sensitive ground surfaces. The S40 Trax has a lift height of 40 ft. and a vertical reach of 31 ft.; the S-45 Trax has a lift height of 46 ft. and a vertical reach of 36 ft. The Genie Trax booms offer traditional front wheel steering with a 30-degree steer angle.

Terex. 203-222-7170.