Dustless concrete grinding system

The 7-in. Angle Grinder Surface Prep Kit protects users from harmful debris generated in large, heavy-duty grinding applications. It features a 7-in. dust control shroud with a top stabilization handle and large grinder. A 5-in. Angle Grinder Surface Prep Kit is available for smaller areas and vertical applications. Metabo Corp. 800-638-2264. www.metabousa.com

Enhance your power

Rotatable Wet Spline Pump Flanges for 277 and 278 series power take-offs extend working life and clearance for PTO and pump combinations. The Wet Spline can index the output flange of the PTO 360 degrees for maximum pump clearance between the transmission and frame rails. Vibrations from diesel engines can wear out mating shafts between the PTO and pump; the Wet Spline output option helps extend shaft life.Chelsea Products, div. of Parker Hannifin. 800-272-7537. www.parker.com/chelsea

Recycled concrete products

A new line of concrete masonry, pavers, stone, and brick is made from post-consumer recycled content, including glass. The glass is crushed into a fine powder and refined into a granulate that is used in the concrete mix. The blocks include up to 30% post-consumer recycled content and are eligible for LEED credits. Atlas Block. 800-461-4380. www.atlasblock.com

Safely remove rust

Curb Appeal Rust Stain Remover is effective on concrete, masonry, siding, stucco, and other exterior surfaces. Its water-based formula is biodegradable and VOC-free. It helps maintain color and texture balance in materials that can etch or bleach. Spray directly onto the rust stain, scrub, and rinse. Edgewater Industries. 877-609-3343. www.pour-n-restore.com

Hybrid sealant

Dymonic FC Polyurethane Hybrid Sealant is a low-modulus, one-component, moisture-curing sealant that adheres to many substrates, including precast concrete panel joints, perimeter caulking, EIFS, aluminum, and masonry. Dymonic FC dries in three to four hours, and withstands moisture and temperature changes. It is paintable when cured, withstands exposure to UV rays, and contains almost no VOCs. Tremco Global Sealants Division. 800-852-9068. www.tremcosealants.com

Exterior wall drainage mat

Driwall Rainscreen uses an entangled net design to eliminate incidental moisture problems in most exterior veneer applications, including stucco, manufactured stone, plank siding, and vinyl. The full wall product rolls over the weather- resistant barrier to separate it from the exterior veneer. This creates an airspace that increases airflow through the wall cavity, allowing the wall to breathe and stay dry and mold-free. Keene Building Products. 877-514-5336. www.keenebuilding.com

Mortarless brick siding

Novabrik high-strength concrete bricks overlap and interlock to create a strong, water-resistant brick siding. Install the brick on wood studs, steel studs, and concrete structures. No brick ledge or steel support is necessary. There is no variation in the mortar joint color or thickness, and no height limitation. Use Novabrik in residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Novabrik International Inc. 866-678-2745. www.novabrik.com

Environmentally friendly waterproofing

M1000 integral waterproofing additive protects grout, mortar, and stucco. Adding it early eliminates additional labor, equipment, and reapplication. M1000 provides stain resistance, efflorescence control, freeze-thaw protection, and durability. The environmentally-friendly product replaces other external waterproofing membranes, which can emit volatile organic compounds and are made of non-renewable materials. Liquid and dry formulas are available. Hycrete Inc. 201-386-8110. www.hycrete.com