Energy-efficient CMUs

Comfort Block is a 16-in.-thick concrete block wall system with multiple insulated channels that enhances insulation, fire resistance, and soundproofing properties. The machined blocks — half blocks, end blocks, and corner blocks — are carefully sized to require little or no cutting, and calibrated to enable thin joint masonry construction using only thin-set mortar.

Genest Concrete. 800-649-4773.

Rust-free fasteners

PrimeGuard MAX stainless steel fasteners are the latest addition to the Grip-Rite brand. The fasteners are designed for outdoor projects, with a lifetime guarantee against rust. PrimeGuard MAX products include stainless steel nails, screws, and collated nails, available in a vast array of styles and sizes. See-through plastic packaging features product photos, bi-lingual labels, and snap-shut lids.

PrimeSource Building Products, Inc. 800-727-7338.

Carbide extension system for rotary hammer bits

The Max-Lok Carbide Extension System extends and increases versatility of the company’s SDS-MAX rotary hammer bits. It allows bits to drill deeper and in tight spaces with extensions ranging from 12.5- to 82.5-in. long. Users can also drill in hard-to-reach areas and drill holes larger than 1 ¼-in. diameter. The system can be driven with all rotary hammer bit retention types.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. 800-729-3878.

Enhanced fall protection

Add an anchor point to a horizontal lifeline or existing anchor point with the RAP (Rotating Anchor Point or Rope Access Point). The RAP can rotate 360 degrees around its axis and can click up or down to a 30-degree angle, offering optimum ease of use and flexibility. The operation, safety, and reliability of the existing system or anchor point are not affected by the addition.

XSPlatforms. 530-343-1400.

Skidsteer loaders

The company has released a number of models in its C-Series line of wheeled and tracked skidsteer loaders. The vehicles' rated operating capacities range from 2250 to 3296 lbs., and engine power from 84 to 92 hp. Features include single loader arm design, side-opening cab, comfortable cab, and ergonomic controls.

Volvo Construction Equipment .

Flashlight/DVR unit

The SV-1500 combines a flashlight, handheld video recorder, and still-photo camera. Use the device to record up to 8 GB of images and video to a memory card and access it via USB cable connected to a desktop computer. The device's 17 infrared LEDs let users capture clear photos, even in low-light conditions.

Safety Vision LLC