Rotary hammer with less shaking

A new line of SDS rotary hammers features SHOCKS-Active Vibration Control, with a shock mounted near the handle that reduces vibration up to 50% while increasing comfort and productivity. The L-shape models, D25323K and D25324K, are compatible with the D25300DH Dust Extraction system with HEPA filter. At 3.3 lbs., the unit features a built-in motor, which includes a two-second shutoff delay for capturing excess dust after the hole has been drilled. Dewalt. 800-433-9258. www.dewalt.com.

Weather-resistant stains

Dymacryl 1100 Sierra Tone Water-Repellent Masonry Stains absorb deeply into brick, stucco, stone, and concrete to form a water-repellent, semi-permeable barrier. Colorfast and flake-resistant, these masonry stains cover uniformly while preserving the substrate's original texture. The VOC-compliant stains are available in 10 colors and can be applied by airless spray, brush, or roller.Dampney Company Inc. 800-537-7023. www.dampney.com.

Dust-free cutting

The Dust Director tuck-pointing guard has been redesigned for dust-free tuck- pointing with diamond blades. The attachment swivels as it approaches an inside corner, collecting dust while maintaining cutting depth and normal grinder operation. The Dust Director works with heavy-duty and small angle grinders, and allows for up to 1 3/16-in. cuts.Metabo Corp. 800-638-2264. www.metabousa.com.

Keep tools handy

E-Z Tray is a safe and ergonomic solution for handling tools while working on scissor lifts, boom lifts, and aerial platforms. The tray features a 3/4-in. security lip to keep tools on its 24x30-in. workspace. It hooks easily onto lift railings, and locking pins hold it in place. The unit also folds down quickly to allow equipment to move through tight spaces.E-Z Drill. 800-272-0121. www.ezdrill.com.

Record project details

The Olympus DS-5000 digital recorder features a large LCD screen, slide switch operation, and three programmable buttons. It allows contractors to keep track of clients, workers, architects, blueprints, budget, and materials with easy and flexible dictation. DSS Player Pro software provides direct recording to a PC, automatic retrieval of documents, distribution of recordings via e-mail, and more.Olympus America Inc. 888-553-4448. www.olympusamerica.com.

Green retaining walls

SmartSlope plantable retaining wall block offers erosion control and reduced stormwater runoff with added ecological benefits. The block is made with post-consumer recycled materials and uses 50% less concrete than traditional retaining wall block. SmartSlope Living Retaining Walls help reduce heat island effect, and plants add strength as roots develop.The Furbish Company. 443-874-7465. www.smartslope.com.

Keep ladders from slipping

Ladder's Little Helper wraps around the lip of a gutter to provide a stable base for resting ladders. Rippled rubber on its underside and face provides a grip on both the gutter and ladder. Raised sides prevent sideways movement. Insert a pole into the bottom of the device to place it on a gutter. It fits 99% of ladders and gutters.Ladder's Little Helper. 816-651-2568. www.ladderslittlehelper.com.

Multiuse tool

Install scaffolding safely with the WrightGrip SB ratchet. The tool features a ½-in. drive, 7/8-in. open-head ratchet and replaceable hammer on one end, and a 7/8-in. open-end wrench on the other end. A lanyard ring slides up and down the handle, which allows the tool to be secured while the user works with either end. Wright Tool. 800-321-2902. www.wrighttool.com.

Tuck-pointing bits

The Gray Label Router Bit has a solid carbide tip for added durability. The tip can be turned when it becomes worn on one side. It is designed for removing old mortar joints, and can remove upper joints without damaging the brick. The router bit works with 4 1/2- or 5-in. grinders, with a maximum working dept of 1 in.Danish Tool North America. 312-253-7340. www.dtna.us.