Labor-saving Mason Mate

Mix material and water and move the blend to be installed all from the jobsite with only one operator with the Mason Mate. Ideal for high-rise block fill applications, concrete repair, and underground shotcrete for mining and tunneling applications. The unit features the manufacturer's D3522 hydraulic squeeze pump, a high-shear continuous mixer, and an optional 1,000-lb. capacity bag lifter.

Blastcrete Equipment Co. 800-235-4867.

Interlocking retaining wall system

Get a natural, real-rock appearance with StoneWall SELECT. The interlocking system and hollow cores make it easy to install. This product can be used for 90 degree corners, inside or outside radii, tall walls or terraces, lighting installations, steps or simple tree surrounds.

Innovative Concrete Design. 800-394-4066.

Latex-base masonry waterproofer

Waterproof, protect and restore interior, exterior, above or below grade masonry materials with DRYLOK EXTREME masonry waterproofer. This latex-base waterproof paint was specially formulated to resist mildew growth on the paint film, hydrostatic pressure, and wind driven rain.

United Gilsonite Laboratories. 800-845-5227.

Textured residential bricks

The Carolina Collection Residential Series bricks provide various textures and colors with a natural look including: Silver Oak, White Oak, Ashland, Edgewater, Little River, and Manassas. Each product is available in Modular Queen and Modular Engineer sizes.

Hanson Brick. 877-426-7668.

Masonry wall strengthening

Reinforce older masonry structures that are subject to wind loading, seismic movement, vehicular impact and foundation subsidence with Paratec. This method of internal structural reinforcement is tailored to meet specific requirements of masonry parapet and retaining walls. The Paratec system strengthens low parapet masonry walls while remaining sensitive to the original architecture without narrowing roadways or rebuilding the wall.

Cintec America. 800-363-6066.

Antiqued reclaimed granite

The Scollay Square granite collection consists of original steps, landings, posts and foundation pieces salvaged during demolitions that took place during the 1950's. The weathered and antiqued colorations give the material a rugged charm appropriate for different applications.

Olde New England Granite. 781-334-4805.