Moisture protection

CCW-705 TWF through-wall flashing provides protection against moisture in cavity wall construction. The self-adhered product consists of a 32-mil rubber-modified asphalt adhesive laminated to an 8-mil cross-laminated film that provides high strength and dimensional flexibility. It is easy to install on concrete or masonry and seals around fastener penetrations.

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, 800-527-7092,


Gray Seal masonry through-wall flashing is a 40-mil, UV-resistant membrane that does not drool in warm climates or become brittle in cold weather. It has extreme puncture and tear resistance and is compatible with all acids and alkali found in fresh mortar. The flashing is available with end dams and prefabricated inside and outside corners, and is easy to install.

Advanced Building Products Inc., 800-252-2306,


Delta-Drain is a drainage and protection system for foundation walls that provides an effective barrier against water penetration with a dimpled, high-density core welded to a high strength polypropylene filter fabric. Applicable for large or small projects, sheets can be placed in vertical strips or overlapped horizontally to provide coverage to depths of 30 ft.

Cosella-Dorken Products Inc., 888-433-5824,


Copper Aqua Flash is used on all types of flashing, both exposed and concealed, and is a composite with a peel-and-stick feature for easy installation. It is permanently protected with a polyester film on one side and self-adhering, self-sealing rubberized asphalt on the other. It has excellent puncture resistance, high temperature stability, and won't deteriorate from its environment.

Fiberweb Clark/Hammerbeam Corp., 781-461-1946,

Wicking fabric

Flash-Vent is an asphalt-free composite that drains away moisture with a wicking fabric. The flashing is lightweight, flexible, and has a copper core; and works with most caulks and sealants to create a complete moisture drainage system.

York Mfg., 800-551-2828,

Rubber version

Rubber-Seal flashing is manufactured with 40% recycled tire crumb rubber and is resilient to temperature changes up to 220° F so it won't flow, leach, or drip. Its 40-mil-thick rubber membrane has an adhesive backing that bonds to surfaces, providing a watertight seal without using additional adhesives, bonding agents, or heat. Simply remove the polymeric release paper and press it in place.

Sandell Mfg. Co. Inc., 800-283-3888,

Easy installation

Moistop brick flashing redirects water out from behind masonry cladding. Durable black polyethylene on both sides shields a fiberglass-reinforced core that resists curling and cracking. The flashing is easy to install, precut in 12-in. and 18-in. widths, and needs only a utility knife, hammer, and fasteners for installation.

Fortifiber Building Systems Group, 800-773-4777,


Air-Shield Thru-Wall is a roll-type, self-adhering, flexible membrane flashing that has excellent adhesion to prepared substrates of precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, masonry, and interior and exterior gypsum board. It is designed for use as a through-wall flashing and dampproofing course. It is packaged in 75-ft rolls, with multiple width sizes.

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