Defend against graffiti

Kretus Graffiti Shield is a two-component hybrid polymer. Apply it to almost any surface as easily as paint, by rolling or spraying, and graffiti will not adhere to it. The permanent, fast drying, VOC-free formula is applied thin (600 sq. ft./gal.), making it economical and green. Once applied, graffiti clean up is quick and easy, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Quest Building Products. 714.738.6640.

Capture jobsite images

The SV-1500 DVR Flashlight is a three-in-one solution operating as a flashlight, a still-photo camera, and a handheld video recorder. With the DVR, the operator can capture the scene, recording up to 8 GB of video. As a camera, the device has 17 infrared LEDs and it enables the user to take crisp color photos by day and clear black and white photos in the dark. As a flashlight, it has three brightness levels.

Safety Vision, LP. 800-880-8855.

Lightweight block

Designed for residential or commercial use, the Verti-Block, measuring 2x 4x 3 ft., can be stacked higher than other blocks without using tiebacks or geogrid. It features a 5-in. relief depth, hides joints, and gives finished walls the appearance of stacked stone. Verti-Block is easily stained and has a weather- and UV-resistant finish. As a light, hollow block, it requires less manpower, equipment, and transportation costs than traditional block.

Verti-Crete. 801-571-2028.

Fall protection safety

Available in either aluminum or composite housing models, Rebel Self-Retracting Lifelines are built with an ultra-durable design, increased weight capacity, and high-tech safety features. They can accommodate up to 420 lbs. and theyfeature an impact indicator to provide easy verification of whether the equipment has been involved in a fall event.

Capital Safety. 800-328-6146.

Portable mixer

The Porta Mix Hippo easily mixes grout, mortar, textured coatings, sealants, and adhesives. The mobile mixing unit can handle batches up to 80 kg. (4 bags). Its specially shaped bowl eliminates pockets of unmixed product and allows for easy cleaning. The easy-tilt trolley delivers materials quickly and with excellent control.

Hover Trowell Inc.

Insulated stone veneer

Suretouch concrete masonry veneer combines pre-molded polystyrene panels and prefabricated masonry. Masons install the panels and anchor them in place, then insert modular stone and brick. After mortar is applied with a manual gun, the joints are finished and excess mortar is removed. The system is durable, aesthetically appealing, and saves energy. Insulation value is R13.5.

Oldcastle Architectural Inc. 800-899-8455.

Keep ladders in place

LadderWrap protects walls, siding, stucco, and other surfaces from scrapes and gouges. The thick piece of silicon rubber has a nylon strap and buckle that attaches to the top of any ladder to prevent damage and reduce the chance of slipping. The wrap can also be turned around to ease stress and pressure on a worker's knee caps and legs.

Ladder Wrap. 516-810-5280.

Vertical mast lift

The Toucan T26E mast boom lift-formerly named E26MJ-features a vertical telescopic mast with a jib that allows operators to maneuver above and around obstacles. With an enhanced direct electric drive, the T26E has a longer battery life with more duty cycles to increase productivity.

JLG Industries, Inc. 877-554-5438.

Weather the storm

A heated jacket uses lithium battery technology to keep professionals warm in cold weather. An M12 Red Lithium battery in a sleek back pocket delivers up to six hours of continuous heat on a single charge. The jacket has three sewn-in carbon fiber heating zones to warm the user's core. The durable heating element can be set to high, medium, or low with the touch of a button on the lapel.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. 800-729-3878.

Code-compliant rainscreen

The Sure Cavity rainscreen drainage plane has compartmentalized vertical channels that allow rapid drainage and help equalize pressure. The adhered fabric blocks mortar or stucco from entering the drainage channels, and perforations allow cross-ventilation for improved drying. High-impact polystyrene ensures durability, rigidity, and longevity. Sure Cavity meets ICC code requirements.

Masonry Technology Inc. 800-879-3348.