Clean sensitive masonry

Sure Klean products remove mortar, rust, mud, dirt, and other stains without damaging brick and manufactured stone. Sure Klean Concrete Brick Cleaner and Sure Klean Manufactured Stone Cleaner are safe alternatives to muriatic acid or more aggressive cleaners. They will not alter surface color or texture, and are suitable for walls with colored mortar. Prosoco, Inc. 800-255-4255.

Clean without harsh chemicals

S-12000 Heavy Duty Degreaser cleans industrial and commercial masonry and concrete surfaces. The alkali-citrus based cleaner penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate to remove petroleum-based products, oils, dirt, efflorescence, and grime. It is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable alternative to acidic, phosphoric, or caustic cleaners. Super-Krete International, Inc. 800-995-1716.

Remove dirt and grease

UGL DRYLOK Cleaner and Degreaser is specially formulated to remove grease, oil, and dirt from concrete and masonry surfaces in one easy step. Its deep cleaning formula is ideal for brick, concrete block walls, concrete walkways and driveways, patios, garage floors, basements, pool areas, and more. United Gilsonite Laboratories. 800-849-5227.

Multi-surface cleaner

White Mountain Jobsite Cleaner safely removes dirt, grease, oil, and other debris from concrete and masonry surfaces. The industrial strength, biodegradable cleaner works as a full strength concentrated formula or diluted with water for light cleaning. Use Jobsite Cleaner to prepare for sealing, or to refresh metal, mortar, plaster, tile, and brick surfaces. Triangle Coatings. 800-895-8000.

Concentrated clean-up

Super-concentrated CR-650 Concrete Remover is a cost effective cleaner for vehicles and equipment. One 275 gal. tote tank makes 1100 gallons of concrete remover. The product biodegrades to carbon dioxide and water and does not contain any hydrochloric or phosphoric acid, eliminating the need to treat run-off water. Fortrans, Inc. 866-365-8760.

Organic cleaner

Blast-Off Concrete Remover safely and effectively cleans concrete and mortar from equipment. Formulated with a powerful, organic molecule found in sugar beets and sugar cane, it penetrates and dissolves build-up and splatter. Blast-Off safely cleans aluminum, steel, plastic, fiberglass, glass, rubber, or painted metal surfaces. Nox-Crete Products Group. 800-669-2738.

Surfaces look like new

Oil Rid's improved formula instantly removes and emulsifies a wide variety of motor and vegetable oils from concrete, masonry, and asphalt surfaces. It is chemically engineered and activated by nature's own bacteria to eliminate grease, tire marks, battery acid, rust, & algae mildew. Available in 1- or 5- gal. containers, or 55 gal. drums. Restore-USA, Inc. 877-270-4872.

Make new projects shine

202 New Masonry Detergent cleans residual mortar, job site soiling, staining, and efflorescence from new masonry with a combination of organic and inorganic acids, wetting agents, and inhibitors. The general purpose cleaner is for professional use in the final clean-up of brick, stone, tile, exposed aggregate and other masonry materials not susceptible to metallic staining. Diedrich Technologies, div. of Sandell Construction Solutions.

Keep vehicles clean

Keep cement and concrete from sticking to vehicles and equipment with Super Non-Stick Coating, a heavy duty, silicone-based release agent. It is longer lasting and durable, easy to apply, and it minimizes the need to use strong acid during clean-up. The product also protects metal surfaces from rust, oxidation, and corrosion.Astec Corp. 800-743-7770.

Clean and green

StoneClean 104 Concentrate is a salt-, metasilicate- and phosphate-free cleaner and degreaser that leaves no residual salt behind. It is ideal for use after acid-cleaning or etching and for green building projects due to its low toxicity, neutral pH, and fast bio-degradation. It will not damage adjacent materials such as woodwork, metal, or fabric.Richard James Specialty Chemicals Corp. 914-478-7500.

Mortar-friendly cleaner

USM Masonry Cleaner is a multi-purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner designed for new masonry surfaces including brick, block, and most natural or cast stone. Use it safely with all types of masonry mortars, including colored mortar, 14-28 days after placement. The slow drying formula removes excess mortar and dirt while limiting the potential for efflorescence. US Mix Products, Inc. 800-397-9903.

Restore masonry

Remove contaminates from natural and man-made stone with Safe n' Easy Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner. The biodegradable, slightly acidic cleaner and restorer is concentrated for triple strength cleaning. It does not contain bleach, abrasives, caustic, muriatic acid, or petroleum distillates. Apply by spray or roller; pressure wash after 15 minutes. Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 800-245-1191