Micro Cement Anchoring and Reinforcing

The Reinforcing Anchor System is used for repair and renovation of existing buildings. First, one of the company's engineers inspects the structure and uses 3D modeling to determine the best reinforcement pattern. At the jobsite, the Reinforcing Anchor System, fashioned out of a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve, is inserted into the structure. A non-polymer, cement-like grout is injected into the sleeve, then fuses with the mesh and expands to fit the space. Dry or low-volume wet diamond drilling techniques reduce or even eliminate water damage.

Cintec North America. 800-363-6066. www.cintec.com.

Masonry Design Software

MasCalc is an inexpensive, trade-specific alternative to CAD that assists designers with often overlooked masonry details. The software saves architects, contracts, builders, and manufacturers the time and expense of manually calculating the dimensions for special masonry shapes, such as arches, radial brick, non 90-degree angle corner brick, and keystones. By entering the size of the masonry unit and a few additional dimensions, the program calculates all the dimensions needed to produce a professional product.

Technical Resolutions Corp. 301-774-1499. www.technicalresolutionscorp.com.

Stainless Steel Hopper Gun

The Stucco Sprayer Hopper Gun applies plaster, stucco, EIFS, shotcrete, papercrete, and earthen mixes, ranging from 1/8-in. heavy texture to 1-in. structural layers. The stainless steel hopper features a slide out four-hole spray tip plate and four removable stainless steel air jet nozzles for easy clean-out. A swivel between the handle and hopper allows easy installation and removal.

Benron Equipment. 888-327-9839. www.benron.com.

New, Improved Articulated Boom

The 62-ft. Snorkel A62JRT platform height articulated boom is built on the company's Polaris chassis. This chassis is a compact 28 ft. when stowed for transport, and its oscillating front axle with hydrostatic 4-wheel drive keeps all four tires in contact with the ground whether the machine is stowed or elevated. The new model replaces the AB60JRT with improved drive, 29.5-ft. “up-and-over” clearance, and 100% tail swing reduction.

Snorkel. 785-989-3000. www.snorkellifts.com.

Hydraulic Rotary Hammer Drill

The Model 2 2406 0010 Hydraulic Rotary Hammer Drill delivers 3400 blows per minute for percussion drilling of concrete, rock, and masonry. The 15-lb. drill uses SDS-Plus shank carbide tipped bits up to 1-in. diameter for cost-effective drilling of anchor holes and thru-holes. Features include a safety clutch that protects against overloads and jamming, adjustable side handle with depth gauge, and sealed gears with permanent lubrication. A water flushing attachment suppresses dust.

CS Unitec Inc. 800-700-5919. www.csunitec.com.

Flatwork Grouter

The new Lightning Grouter Drill-Mate is designed specifically for flatwork. The 2.5-gal. hopper cleans up in less than a minute, and auger-vibrator feed allows fast, accurate, and clean application with four steel nozzles. The portable tool is easy on operators' backs, and has a 3-in. wheel for smooth rolling. The company offers a free two-week trial.

Quikpoint Inc. 800-368-2292. www.quikpoint.com.