Masonry adhesive

Mason Bond is a solvent free, single component, moisture-cured structural adhesive designed to bond concrete masonry units, decorative brick, stone, rock, and other materials. It requires no sand, gravel, or mixing. Mason Bond bonds quickly and completely with moisture present or in hot or cold weather conditions and provides 3.5 times greater bond strength than is required by code. ITW TACC. 800-503-6991.

Air barrier system

Air & Vapor Barrier 1800 provides a seamless and continuous membrane around the building envelope. It is watertight and impermeable to air and water vapor, and forms a seal around penetrations and brick ties. The solvent-based rubber polymer can be sprayed directly onto exterior drywall, concrete block, and even damp concrete. It dries within 12 hours and can withstand up to 30 days of UV exposure. Mar-flex Building Solutions. 800-498-1411.

Concrete remover

Remove dried concrete, mortar, or stucco with environmentally friendly Concrete Dissolver. The 100 percent biodegradable solution works without aggressive acids to effectively remove concrete from tools, equipment, vehicles, patios, pavers, siding, and glass. It emits no harsh fumes and is non-corrosive. Concrete Dissolver is available in a 23 oz. spray bottle or 5 gallon container. Sakrete. 800-736-1621.

High temperature silicone sealant

Chem-Calk 1200-HT delivers weatherability and extreme temperatures from -52º to 260º C. The 100% silicone formulation offers easy gunning and tooling, and adheres to most construction and industrial materials. It is ideal for exhaust stacks, ductwork, pipe joints, industrial ovens/boilers & electrical/electronic equipment. The high-performance sealant does not shrink and is permanently flexible. Available immediately in 10.3-ounce gunnable cartridges, each capable of covering up to 100 linear feet with a 1/8th-inch seal. Bostik Inc. 888-592-8558.

Anchoring adhesive

SET-XP is a two component, high solids epoxy-based anchoring adhesive for cracked or uncracked concrete. The adhesive has been rigorously tested and has proven to be reliable for cracked concrete under static and seismic loads. With its teal color, SET-XP can easily be identified as a high-performance adhesive for adverse conditions. Resin and hardener are dispensed and mixed together in the mixing nozzle. Simpson Strong-Tie. 800-999-5099.

Multi-surface cleaner

White Mountain Jobsite Cleaner safely removes dirt, grease, oil, and other debris from concrete and masonry surfaces. The industrial strength, biodegradable cleaner works as a full strength concentrated formula or diluted with water for light cleaning. Jobsite Cleaner can be used to prepare for sealing, or to refresh metal, mortar, plaster, tile, and brick surfaces. Triangle Coatings. 800-895-8000.