It's time to be the judge and preside over this year's selection of new and improved products at World of Masonry/World of Concrete. The entries represent products that will solve the problems faced in today's construction challenges. These creative entries are grouped by primary application. There are 10 categories in all. Below are those that are masonry-related. You can vote at

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At the show, you will have the opportunity to view all of the products in the MIP display in the Grand Concourse at the Las Vegas Convention Center. They also will be displayed in each exhibitor's booth on the show floor so you can get up close and personal with the products.

Mortar admixture

The Krystol Mortar Admixture waterproofs and protects mortar rendering on brick, block, and other masonry walls. It reduces the permeability of plaster, stucco, and thin topping mixes and works with shotcrete and concrete overlayments. KMA incorporates Kryton's Krystol technology to eliminate the need for surface-applied waterproof coatings and membranes. It is a dry powder added directly to the mortar during mixing. It contains a blend of specialty chemicals that react with the cementitious materials in the mortar to form hydration crystals. These needle-like crystals block the capillary pores and microcracks within the mortar to dramatically reduce permeability and provide waterproof protection.

Kryton International Inc. 800.267.8280.

WOC Booth S10907

Diamond cutters

The improved Hilti DCH 230 and DCH 300 Electric Diamond Cutters offer contractors new standards in performance, safety, and comfort. These electric cutters can tackle the toughest and thickest materials, such as reinforced concrete, bricks, granite curbstone, metal beams, and steel pipes. With a 2.6-kilowatt motor, clever design, and new cutting depth adjustment mechanism, contractors select either the DCH 230 or DCH 300 for cutting depths of 3.4 inches or 4.7 inches. Each uses the exclusive Hilti Smart Power, an intelligent electronic control system that constantly regulates the motor power to suit the material being cut and the pressure applied to the tool.

Hilti. 800-879-8000.

WOC Booth O31070

Alternate forming method

Use the Grout Sample Box alternate forming method for casting grout test prisms. ASTM C1019-09 includes guidelines that allow for using alternate forming methods to cast these compressive strength specimens. The product saves time and space and produces test samples that are consistent in geometry and are much easier to cure, store, and transport.

The Grout Sample Box is a corrugated mold that uses a patented slotted insert to form four cavities of equal size. The slotted insert closely matches the absorption of the concrete masonry units, accurately representing the grout present in the masonry wall.

Deslauriers. 800-743-4106.

WOC Booth N321

Grout pump

Mason contractors deal with varied environments from job to job and need a portable pump that allows them to fill block. The Pump-Master model PG-25 enables contractors to grout block walls without using a forklift or full-size concrete pump. The machine offers an economic method compared to filling block voids by hand using buckets. The PumpMaster PG-25 includes a newly designed 3-in. discharge assembly that easily handles a grout mix with pea gravel. Coarse grout mixes are easily and smoothly pumped. Its 25-hp engine provides the machine the needed power for pumping over longer and higher distances on the jobsite. It pumps up to 50 ft. vertically and 200 ft. horizontally.

Airplaco Equipment Co. 513-321-2950.

WOC Booth S10739

Portable dust vacuum

The Pulse-Bac PB-550 works with all hand tools that generate dust. The product captures the dust resulting from grinding, polishing, and cutting, without clogging the filters and slowing or stopping production. Just 25 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter, this lightweight portable dust vacuum is capable of generating more than 121 cu. ft. per minute of air flow, with 74 inches of lift. It is the first compact dust vacuum equipped with Pulse-Bac Automated Self-Cleaning Vacuum Control Technology. This allows the PB-550 to work for extended periods.

CDCLarue Industries. 918-216-6100.

WOC Booth S11107

Dust-free masonry saw

The JackVac 360 Dust Free Masonry Chop Saw cuts brick, stone, pavers, and block on the jobsite, inside or out, while maintaining a safe and dust-free work environment. The JackVac was designed and tested by masons with years of on-the-job experience. It is lightweight and portable so the mason can place it right where he's working: on the scaffold, roof, or even inside. The JackVac 360 is also durable, made of tough, high-impact materials to endure the rigors of daily jobsite use while providing years of dust-free operation.

Masonry Tec Products. 888-274-7744.

WOC Booth S12621