Terra Cotta Transformation

A window hood panel being lifted up to the Capitol drum is made of new terra cotta. It was lowered through the scaffolding for installation on the drum below the upper cornice. The panel was anchored to the drum wall with steel brackets and expansion anchors, which were later covered by terra cotta scrolls.

Cornice panels were fabricated offsite and trucked to the Capitol for installation. The panels were assembled primarily with terra cotta from the original construction; however, a few pieces had to be fabricated to replace original material damaged beyond repair.

A balustrade panel was assembled using historic terra cotta anchored together with stainless steel threaded rod and stainless steel channels.

Column panels were designed to allow access inside the new terra cotta column drums for anchorage purposes.

Anchors were installed from the inside of the drum. Diagonal holes were drilled through the wall and existing terra cotta to penetrate the terra cotta web members.

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