Misguided Maintenance Practices Accelerate Deterioration of Historic Landmark

Fig. 9. Upturned leg of copper flashing and original roof base flashing punctured by EPDM roof attachment anchor.

Fig. 10. Remedial EPDM roofing interface deficiencies.

Fig. 1. Failed polyurethane sealant and weep tube.

Fig. 2. Staining and salt buildup below parapets.

Fig. 3. Aluminum counter flashing installed over EPDM roofing termination bar.

Fig. 6. Copper thru-wall flashing with failed seams and corrosion-induced pinhole failure.

Fig. 7. Deteriorated mortar bed joint and remedial counter flashing anchors which penetrated the hook dam of the original counter flashing.

Fig. 8. Original parapet detailing shows flashing and quarry tile roof interface.

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