Built to Fail

A cell phone company's tower and power station was destroyed in the quake, leaving the entire city with only one cell phone provider.

After the quake, what appeared as rubble was often concrete block from walls that had simply crumbled. Rebar is often left exposed on top of buildings for future construction, resulting in weak, corroded reinforcement. Photos courtesy of Chris Stockwell

The levels of this popular shopping center completely collapsed, from the top down.

Chris Stockwell visited the Three Angels Children's Relief orphanage and school in Haiti just before the January 2010 earthquake. The facility was still standing after the quake, but unsafe to use. Three Angels will rebuild on new property, with Stockwell's consultation.

Stockwell (left) and Eric Helgimo, shown with headmaster Alix Charles (right), evaluated masonry structures and construction practices in Haiti before and after the earthquake.

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