September 2010 Table of Contents

Cavity Wall Drainage

Back-up for absorptive cladding, Create space, Ventilate brick walls, Keep substrate dry, Allow water to drain. Read more

The Ultimate in Recycling

Masonry contractors can go green by restoring stone buildings. Read more

Built to Fail

In December 2009, a contractor friend and I traveled to Haiti to distribute Christmas boxes to the school children, staff, and orphans at Three Angels Children's Relief. Read more

Top Contractors Survey Bright Spots in a Struggling Market

Masonry contractors look to exploit niche markets. Read more

Battling the Flames

All Saints Church was one of Iowa's most ornate landmarks for nearly a hundred years, until it was destroyed by arson. After sitting in ruins for more than a decade, a group of determined citizens and a team of masonry restoration experts brought the structure back to life. Watch All Saints Church come back to life in our Web Exclusive Slide Show. Read more

Earning a Reputation Earning a Reputation

Masonry proves its sustainability, brick-by-brick. Read more

Cracks in Brick Veneer Cracks in Brick Veneer

Q: I have noticed many vertical cracks in the brick veneer on a recently completed 20-story high-rise condominium building. Read more

Web Exclusive Slide Show

Haiti: A Contractor's View Read more

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