June 2010 Table of Contents

Fireplaces and Masonry Heaters Fireplaces and Masonry Heaters

Masonry heaters offer comfort and efficiency. Read more

Fabricate a metal "L" as follows: Fabricate a metal "L" as follows:

The overall width of metal should equal the sum of 1 ½ inches (the dimension of the wall leg), plus the distance from the face of the backing wall to the face of the masonry veneer (the dimension of the L leg), plus ¼ inch for the hem. Read more

Project of the Year Contest Masonry Construction's Project of the Year Contest
Taking Training to New Heights

A joint training program educates and protects mast climber operators. Read more

Flashing a Masonry Arch Opening Flashing a Masonry Arch Opening

Through wall flashing is key in above grade water management. Read more

Match Game

Strategies for avoiding brick blending problems. Read more

Keeping It Clean Keeping It Clean

Cast stone offers environmental benefits with self-cleaning cement. Read more

To Paint or Not to Paint? To Paint or Not to Paint?

Q: I never understand why people paint brick masonry. When brick masonry is painted, it must be maintained more frequently to replace areas of paint that have chipped, peeled, or are otherwise defaced. Read more

An Ounce of Prevention An Ounce of Prevention

Q: I have seen projects where every third brick along the base of the wall is left out of the wall. Read more

Outdoor Fireplaces Made Easy

What used to take several days is now easily done in hours with StoneCraft Outdoor Living Products. Read more

Flashing Products Flashing Products

Sturdy waterproofing barrier, Copper flashing, Composite thru-wall flashing, Commercial-grade performance, Prevent water penetration. Read more

June New Products June New Products

Dustless concrete grinding system, Enhance your power, Recycled concrete products, Safely remove rust, Hybrid sealant. Read more

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