September 2009 Table of Contents

Follow the Green Brick Road Follow the Green Brick Road

An association promotes sustainability. Read more

When Stone Bleeds

Staining had become a blight on the once-beautiful building. Read more

Caught in the Middle Again Caught in the Middle Again

Contractors face new purchasing challenges for cutting masonry and concrete. Read more

Masonry Construction's Top Contractors are in Survival Mode

With the economy lagging, contractors look to restoration. Read more

Elegant Simplicity Elegant Simplicity

The $25 million Cancer Center at the Milford Regional Medical Center in Milford, Mass., combines the services of three prestigious health care providers. In partnership with Milford Regional, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute provides medical oncology, and Brigham and Women's Physician Organization conducts radiation therapy. Read more

End Dam and Flashing End Dam and Flashing

I know that you should put an end dam at the end of flashing that terminates against a door frame. My question relates to a fairly common situation where there is a masonry return adjacent to the door frame (inside corner). In this case, if you put an end dam at the end of the flashing, the water would just flow against the door frame. It would seem that the end dam would need to wrap around to prevent this from occurring. Can you recommend a solution? Read more

Steel Wide Flange Beams Steel Wide Flange Beams

Many buildings use steel wide flange beams as lintels in larger masonry openings that have a plate welded to the underside to carry the exterior wythe of brick. Since the steel plate is exposed on the outside and on the inside, this would appear to create thermal short. Is this a problem in cold weather? Read more

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