May 2009 Table of Contents

Sustainable Inside and Out Sustainable Inside and Out

Cement-based coatings add to ICFs' appeal. Read more

Stone Veneer

Natural and manufactured stone veneer products are becoming more popular. With so many new products coming into the jobsite so quickly, this segment of the masonry industry has lacked consistent standards and installation guidelines. Read more

Top of Wall Top of Wall

Proper detailing can avoid significant wall problems. Read more

Safe Haven

Shake test shows masonry homes provide safety in earthquakes. Read more

Mastering the Site Mastering the Site

Control often yields more profit. Read more

City of Stone & Light

Masonry has the power to inspire. The skilled masons of Gates Construction Co. in Mooresville, N.C., have helped to create a headquarters for an entire worldwide network of inspiration. The City of Light is the new, multimillion dollar corporate complex for The Inspiration Networks, a cable television ministry broadcasting to more than 70 million households worldwide. The project began in 2007 to consolidate the network's operations from seven buildings throughout the Charlotte, N.C., area to a single 93-acre location near Indian Land, S.C. Read more

Surviving the Downturn Surviving the Downturn

You may need to get creative in times like these. Read more

Brick Arches

How long should the formwork for the arch be left in place before it can be safely removed in typical masonry construction? We would like to reuse the formwork as much as possible, and therefore would like to keep this time to a minimum. Read more

Expansion Joints for Windows Expansion Joints for Windows

In many buildings that have rows of closely spaced windows, it is almost impossible to avoid having vertical expansion joints against the window frame. In these cases, should the expansion joint line up with the jamb of the window or should it jog around the end of the lintel angle? Read more

Visualize the Beauty of Stone Veneer

New marketing tools allow masonry contractors to demonstrate the beauty of stone veneer. Read more

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