March 2009 Table of Contents

RMCA Presents Masonry Excellence Awards RMCA Presents Masonry Excellence Awards

Gathering honors partners in the industry. Read more

Another Brick in the Wall

Do masonry contractors offer new opportunities for SRW sales? Read more

Magnificent Masonry

Masonry's mass provides sound isolation and bass response, which makes it a natural choice for superlative acoustic performance. Read more

Mast Climber Safety

The International Powered Access Federation is at the forefront of safety initiatives, and 2008 saw important progress. Read more

Mortar Types Mortar Types

I recall that earlier versions of the Brick Industry Association's Technical Note 28B recommended that mortar should be Type S for brick veneer over steel stud back-up walls when wind loads exceed 25 psf, and that only portland cement-lime mortars should be used. I noticed that in the December 2005 version this language was modified. Now it states that Type N mortar is recommended with Type S as an alternate. Will Type N mortar have sufficient strength in this wall system? Read more

Rubberized Asphalt Flashing Rubberized Asphalt Flashing

Our crews are having some trouble installing a rubberized asphalt flashing. Pushing the membrane tight into the corner between the horizontal and vertical legs of the flashing at the lap joints is difficult. In many cases, a small gap forms in this location. The membrane can be pushed in tight temporarily, but before the brick is put in, some tenting occurs in many of the locations. How can we avoid this problem? Read more

In the Public Eye In the Public Eye

A combination of timing, location, and team-work has put the Maplewood Police and Court Building, in Maplewood, N.J., in a truly unique position. It is New Jersey's first green municipal building, and its construction has sparked revitalization in Maplewood's commercial and business district. But the project could not have come to life without an environmentally enlightened town and close cooperation between its architect, materials producers, Read more

Clearing the Air Clearing the Air

Kids breathe easier in healthy schools. Read more

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