June 2009 Table of Contents

Environmentally Friendly Pavers Enhance Ballpark

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is one of the best ballparks in major league baseball today. The state-of-the-art ballpark and surrounding areas have been designed to offer plenty of enjoyment for Baltimore Orioles fans. The attractive ballpark features a large area surrounding the park for visitors to relax and spend time; turning a trip to the ballpark into an affordable, all-day family event. Read more

Brick By Brick Brick By Brick

A new competition redefines eco-friendly building. Read more

Handy Openers

Multi-purpose diamond blades, Engineered blades, Blades with more segments, Silent core blade, Concrete diamond discs. Read more

Common Relining Mistakes Common Relining Mistakes

Tile, steel, and poured ceramic are three common relining methods. Read more

Designing Segmental Retaining Walls Designing Segmental Retaining Walls

For these systems to function as planned, they must be properly designed and installed. Read more

Putting Masonry on Top Putting Masonry on Top

Masonry converts green roofs into living spaces. Read more

Green Again

A former warehouse finds new life as a showcase of sustainability. Read more

Increasing Parapet Height Increasing Parapet Height

I am working on a brick building that has masonry parapets with a face brick veneer that extends past the concrete roof slab and two common brick wythes supported on the roof slab. The masonry parapets are being repaired due to deterioration. In conjunction with the repairs, we want to increase the height of the parapets around 1 foot to 16 inches to better conceal some of the equipment on the roof. How far can the brick parapet be increased without bracing or reinforcing it? Read more

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