July 2009 Table of Contents

Branching Out

How you can become indispensable in the green sector. Read more

Scaffolding Planks

The last thing a mason wants to worry about on a busy jobsite is the platform beneath his feet. But without reliable scaffold planks, many masonry projects would literally never get off the ground. Read more

The Recession-Proof Masonry Business The Recession-Proof Masonry Business

The restoration and repair market will continue to grow. Read more

Bridging the Gap

Masonry bridges could be your new market opportunity. Read more

Capital Improvements Capital Improvements

Masonry restoration projects preserve our nation's history. Read more

Landmark Revival

Two years ago, architect Thomas Walter wouldn't have recognized the Chinese Community Church in Washington, D.C. as the building he designed in 1852. Layers of paint and stucco formed to look like stone covered its red brick façade. Most of its window hoods were missing and the bell tower had been replaced by a metallic dome. Read more

EPA Targets Fireplaces and Heaters EPA Targets Fireplaces and Heaters

Regulators are seeking more stringent particulate requirements. Read more

Brick Arches Brick Arches

Q: I have noticed that many arches use special tapered brick. Can an arch be made with standard brick units? Read more

Clay Masonry Cracks Clay Masonry Cracks

Q: I am working on a building that has 3-foot-high horizontal bands of brick veneer, supported by shelf angles attached to the edge of an 8-inch-thick concrete flat plate structure. Read more

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