July 2008 Table of Contents

Masons Tackle Job Masons Tackle Job

The Foundry at Eddy Street Commons is a new retail and residential corridor just south of Notre Dame University's campus in South Bend, Ind. Its four-story buildings feature brick and cast stone in several colors and intricate patterns, which complement the ornate and historic architecture of the university. Masons finished this demanding job just in time for football season ... Read more

Risk vs. Risk Management Risk vs. Risk Management

A few pennies saved on moisture protection can end up being a very expensive decision. Read more

The Mason's Tool Bag Scaffolding

Used in sets of three or more, T-Braces increase span and rigidity of walk boards and scaffolding planks. Read more

Evolution of the Parapet

Mass masonry walls have always been the standard for building weather-resistive structures. A thick, redundant masonry wall acts as a blotter absorbing wind-driven rain through the exterior exposed surfaces and by its shear mass. Read more

Misguided Maintenance Practices Accelerate Deterioration of Historic Landmark

Masonry parapets and a replacement roof interface prove to be the real culprits behind a leaking and staining problem. Read more

Maintaining Masonry Maintaining Masonry

Find the root cause of the problem before making repairs on contemporary or historical buildings. Read more

Cracking Problems Troubleshooting Cracking Problems
Flashing Placement Troubleshooting Flashing Placement
American Gothic

In some parts of the country, numerous well-preserved historic churches may be common. But in other areas, these buildings can be rare architectural treasures.The Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield, Mo., is one of only a few buildings on both the Springfield Historical Registry and the National Registry of Historic Sites. It is the oldest surviving church in Springfield, and one of the most well-preserved in the Ozarks region. Read more

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