February 2008 Table of Contents

AmericInn Welcomes Masons AmericInn Welcomes Masons

In our March issue, we feature AmericInn's use of insulated concrete block, precast concrete panels and thick drywall to create some of the hotel industry's quietest guest rooms. Now, The hotel is offering an incentive for Masonry Construction's readers to visit. Read more

Memorial Weekend Plans

Judith Broeker, executive director of the Heritage Conservation Network, a Boulder, Colo., based non-profit organization, has been sending me information about this preservation effort for about six months... Read more

Building Gardens, Not Just Retaining Walls Building Gardens, Not Just Retaining Walls

To people who work with concrete, its environmental properties are nothing new. When Mark Woolbright, founder of St. Louis Retaining Wall Co. 17-years ago, visited Europe, he noticed most of the concrete retaining walls were plantable. Read more

The Mason's Toolbag Flashing

Stay up to date with the latest flashing products available on the market today. Read more

New Products

Give yourself an edge by staying on top of the latest masonry materials, tools, equipment, and services. Read more

Rain and Chaos But Worth It Residential Masonry Rain and Chaos But Worth It

RMCA stone masons lend a hand for “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” project. Read more


About 6000 producers, suppliers, engineers, and other industry leaders from 35 countries will be heading to the Colorado Convention Center, Feb. 7 – 9, for the Manufactured Concrete Products Exposition (MCPX). Read more

Fire Protection Fire Safety Fire Protection

Masonry/concrete does a better job and is often cost effective from both initial and life cycle points of view. Read more

Concrete Blocks 12 Blocks

ARCHITECT magazine, a sister publication of MASONRY CONSTRUCTION, recently conducted its first annual R+D Awards. One of the five winners was entitled “12 Blocks,” submitted by LOOM, St. Paul, Minn. The entry presented a series of unique new designs for the standard concrete block. Read more

Protective Products

Masons and building product suppliers have been adapting to evolving codes for years. Many have developed simple solutions to ensure quality in masonry homes and ease the inspection process. Here are a few examples. Read more

Masonry Homes Winds of Change

Ever since Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida in 1992, building code updates in hurricane prone areas of the U.S. have been changing the course of masonry home construction. Read more

Expansion Problems Expansion Problems

Our company was asked to tuckpoint the top half of a 20-ft masonry wall. The mortar joints contained multiple cracks because of freeze-thaw deterioration. Water had been getting in at the top of the wall and freezing over the years because of some very poor coping/flashing details. Read more

Southern Hospitality Showcase Southern Hospitality

For the past quarter century, the New American Home has been influencing residential construction across the country. This year, the program celebrates its 25th anniversary of demonstrating innovative building materials, cutting-edge design, and the latest construction techniques.It is the official showcase house of the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) annual International Builders' Show, held this year in Orlando. The home provides builders and buyers with an ideal example of an energy efficient, durable home, without sacrificing style Read more

Preparing for the Future

The reality of the housing market is that sometime soon the oversupply of new homes will be exhausted and the buying/building frenzy will begin anew. Read more

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