March 2007 Table of Contents

Market Value

Test the possibilities in other areas for better business opportunities. Read more

Wall Bracing Products

The latest bracing products to maiximize efficiency and reduce costs. Read more

New Products

Give yourself an edge by staying on top of the latest masonry materials, tools, equipment, and services. Read more

Earning Company Loyalty

Company loyalty isn't something that can be demanded from workers. Paying a competitive salary, providing a great benefit package, and supplying first-rate equipment certainly helps, but these points alone do not bring loyalty. Read more

The Mason's Tool Bag Brick Show 2007
Time for a Single Standard Time for a Single Standard

Take this simple test based on the 2006 ASTM Standard Specifications for Facing Brick and find out if you are up-to-date on the masonry industry. Read more

BAC/IMI National Training Center

State-of-the-art structure features brick, block, stone, tile, terrazzo, plaster, and cement components. Read more

Envelope Design Guide Envelope Design Guide

Federal publication provides information on exterior building enclosure design and construction. Read more

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting

Using Face-Shell Bedding and Control Joints. Read more

Recruitment and Motivation Lead to Success Recruitment and Motivation Lead to Success

Bud Johnson has been turning out well-prepared and award-winning masons for 15 years. Read more

Masonry Honors Tradition

Recent construction at Augusta State University (ASU) in Augusta, Ga., presented the design team with a real challenge: Create a new activities center with all the technology and modern amenities students want, but make it fit seamlessly with both the historic character of the campus and more recent architecture. Not exactly an easy feat. Some of the university's buildings were originally part of a federal arsenal built in 1827, others were constructed in the 1970s, and several more were built within the past 10 years. Read more

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