February 2007 Table of Contents

Carving Creations

USC's Galen Event Center features seven sculptures that are among the world's largest brick murals. Read more

Construction Contracts

Make sure you are paid for all extra work performed. Read more

New Shapes of Concrete Block The Mason's Tool Bag New Shapes of Concrete Block

Some of today's most innovative design ideas for concrete masonry are coming from architects in training. As part of their college education, young designers are being challenged to create an old medium in new ways, and the results are impressive. The BlockFest competition was established almost 15-years ago by North Carolina State University, Carolinas Concrete Masonry Association (CCMA), and local producers Oldcastle Adams Products and Johnson Concrete Products, as part of the design school's curriculum. Read more

Hand-Held Power Saws

Hand-held power saws of every kind for every application Read more

Quality, Not Quantity

Great work paves the way to a bright future. Read more

Masonry Showcase

Orlando will host MCAA's 57th annual convention. Read more

Post-Tensioned Masonry: The Positive Effects of Stress

Post-tensioned masonry offers a new structural application characterized by a relatively simple construction technique and competitive cost. Read more


Five trade associations combine forces to exhibit at a convention in Orlando, Fl. Read more

Soaking up the Sun: Trombe Walls and Solar Gain

The Trombe wall utilizes passive solar to effect energy savings in sun-filled climates. Read more

A Winning Tradition A Winning Tradition

The masonry instructor of the brick, block, and stone program at Pearl River Community College has an impressive track record. Read more

Troubleshooting Using Weep Vents

Drying out masonry through the venting of cavities can significantly reduce moisture problems. Read more

The Real Costs Are Often Not Reported The Real Costs Are Often Not Reported

The real cost of participating in the Mason Contractors Association of America is not always obvious. Read more

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