September 2006 Table of Contents

Apprentice of the Month: Christian Rodriguez Apprentice of the Month: Christian Rodriguez

Christian Rodriguez didn’t have a plan when he graduated from high school in Oklahoma, but he does now. Read more

The Mason's Tool Bag Hand Levels
New Products

Give yourself an edge by staying on top of the latest masonry materials, tools, equipment, and services. Read more

Residential Association Goes National

Group plans first annual meeting during the 2007 World of Masonry in Las Vegas. Read more

Who You Are

Survey reveals interesting facts about the mason contractor. Read more

Submit Better Bids to Get More Work

There are several strategies available for improving the bid-hit ratio. Read more

Different, But Similar Troubleshooting Different, But Similar

Q: What is the difference between ground block, ground face block, burnished block, and honed block? Read more

Inner Corner at Base of Wall Inner Corner at Base of Wall

Inner wall corners provide an ideal location for expansion joints. Read more

Manor of Masonry Manor of Masonry

Ornate masonry detailing embellishes a 8883-square-foot Italianate-style residence. Read more

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