When are cleanouts required? I have done several projects with grouted concrete masonry and I have not needed cleanouts yet. Isn't it possible to keep the cells of concrete masonry adequately clear to avoid the need for cleanouts?
Cleanouts are not required in low-lift grouting, which includes any grouting where less than 5 feet of masonry is built before the grout is poured into the cells. At this height, it is reasonable to keep the cores adequately free of mortar and other debris that may fall into them. When high-lift grouting is used, however, it is much less likely that the mason will be able to keep the cells adequately free of mortar and debris. With high-lift grouting it is important to have cleanouts to verify that the cells are free of mortar and debris. The cleanouts allow the mason and inspectors to remove any debris from the cells of the concrete masonry prior to grouting.