I am building a warehouse/ office building. The windows chosen for the project do not match the brick coursing. Instead of occurring at a bed joint, the lintel lines up with the center of the brick. I cannot adjust the mortar joints enough to make up this difference. Should I cut the brick in half and install a lintel? Do you have any other recommendations?
Bricks can be rotated 90 degrees to create a rowlock course above and below the lintel. (See Figure 1, below.) Figure 1This allows the lintel to be positioned at the center of the brick course. Use rowlock coursing across the top of the lintel and three rowlock units below the lintel at the jambs. When using this method, you should make sure that the bricks can withstand the loading of the masonry above the lintel without fracturing. Unless the lintels are very long, this should not be a problem.