How close do ties need to be above the level of flashing? The flashing creates a slip plane. Should the spacing of the ties above the flashing equal half the spacing between the ties?
In many cases, it will be better to place the ties more than half the tie spacing above the flashing. There usually is adequate friction to provide sufficient lateral support at the flashing. Even with a friction coefficient as low as 0.25, an 8-foot-tall section of masonry would generate a lateral frictional force of 80 pounds per linear foot, which is equivalent to more than 100 pounds for every 16 inches. This is roughly the capacity of most adjustable ties for masonry veneer. If the tie is placed too close to the flashing, it can interfere with the proper installation in the flashing. For this reason, I generally recommend that the first tie be four or five courses above the level of flashing.