Question: I would like to know the proper miter cut for a 135 º angle. I am installing 8x6x16-inch concrete masonry units. I have been making the cuts on a masonry saw with a 20-inch blade. Which of the two methods is stronger, easier to build, quicker to cut?

Method A
Method B
Without doing a time study, it's difficult to know for certain which method is quicker. In Method A, you must cut both block, but the cuts are straight and can be made quickly with a 20-inch blade. With Method B, only one block must be cut, but the two face shells of the block must be cut at different angles.Mason Richard T. Kreh, Sr., of Frederick, MD, believes Method B would be easier and quicker. Kreh is author of several books on bricklaying, including Masonry Skills and Advanced Masonry Skills.Because both methods create a full-height vertical joint, the corner should be reinforced in most cases. Use twice as much joint reinforcement as is used elsewhere in the wall. As long as joint reinforcement is used at the corner, both Methods A and B would have nearly the same strength.