Splicing bed joint reinforcement can be time consuming. Cutting away the cross wires in order to overlap the longitudinal wires is not always practical. Can bed joint reinforcement be spliced by simply putting more steel in the unused bed joint above and below the joint that contains the reinforcement?
The Uniform Building Code in Section 2104.8 allows bed joint reinforcement to be spliced by placing reinforcement in the joints above or below the joint where the splicing occurs. This requirement applies to wire joint reinforcement that is used as principal reinforcement. The overlap of the bed joint reinforcement must equal 54 diameters plus twice the spacing of the bed joint to fully develop the reinforcement. This is a reasonable requirement for bed joint reinforcement used for shrinkage control as well. In some cases, this may be easier than splicing the reinforcing by cutting the cross wires and overlapping the longitudinal wire 75 diameters in the bed joint.