The Masonry Society (TMS), with support from Hanley Wood, LLC and the Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada (CMAC), will present a full day, comprehensive course on “Special Inspection of Masonry Construction,” Feb. 2, during the World of Masonry. This seminar is aimed at helping inspectors, testing technicians, engineers, and building officials identify and check key quality assurance items on the jobsite. The seminar uses the 2006 IBC and the 2005 MSJC as the primary references, and it overviews related ASTM standards and inspection guides.

Topics covered will include:

  • Basic terms, inspection duties, and responsibilities
  • Masonry material requirements, including CMUs, brick, mortar, reinforcement, connectors, and grout
  • Mortar mixing
  • Basic construction, including unit placement, pipes and conduits, movement joints, tolerances, flashing, and bracing
  • Reinforcement placement
  • Grouting
  • Testing of units, grout, and prisms
  • Hot and cold weather construction.
  • John Chrysler, P.E., executive director of the Masonry Institute of America, and Phillip Samblanet, P.E., executive director of The Masonry Society, will present this informative seminar.

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