What is the best way to size an opening for a metal door in a concrete masonry wall? Metal doors don't always fit well into typical modular concrete masonry openings.
Figure 1There are a couple of ways to size door openings in a masonry wall. Wraparound door frames are most often used with 4- and 6-inch-thick walls, although they also are available for 8-inch and 10-inch wall thicknesses. A 6-foot, 8-inch wraparound door frame will fit a 10-course-high concrete masonry opening, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 2A wrap-around door frame with a 7-foot-high door will fit in a masonry opening if a 4-inch-high starter course is used or if a 4-inch course is used beneath the bearing points of a 12-inch-high precast lintel, as shown in Figures 2 and 3. The width of the opening can be 2 feet, 8 inches; 3 feet, 4 inches; 4 feet, or other increments of 8 inches to fit into a normal masonry opening.With butt-type frames, the best method is to use a 7-foot door with a 4-inch-high head and 2-inch-wide jamb sections. This will fit into a block opening that is 11 courses high. A door width of 2 feet, 4 inches or 3 feet works well with modular concrete masonry openings.
Figure 3 Figure 4