Exterior brick at the bottom foot or two of a Chicago warehouse are deteriorating. The wall is on the south side adjacent to a parking lot. No other walls are having this problem. Why are just the lower few courses deteriorating? Through-wall flashing installed between the foundation and the bottom course of brick is intact, and tire stops are far enough away to keep car bumpers from hitting the wall.
Perhaps snow from the parking lot is being piled up against the bottom portion of the wall. A south wall will heat up during the day and melted snow will saturate the wall. At night or during colder weather the water will freeze. This cycling will cause freeze/thaw degradation. Salt water from cars and deicing salts applied to the parking lot may speed deterioration. Because salt lowers the melting temperature of ice, the wall may go through more freeze/thaw cycles. Avoid piling snow up against this wall. Also, move the tire stops farther from the wall to reduce the amount of salt water being splashed on the wall.