When the terrorists planned their attacks of 9/11, they choose key American icons of strength. While they were on target in regards to the buildings' importance, the terrorists miscalculated the attack's effect. Instead of displaying a national feeling that would cast the United States as weak and vulnerable, the end result of the deplorable act was a response that showed Americans resolve and strength.

There is no better display of this resolve than the successful results of Project Phoenix. With the goal of having staff move back in quickly and be functioning in their jobs, the masonry community has played a key role in repairing the Pentagon's E-ring.

Key contractors on the $500 million project were Masonry Arts (MAI), Bessemer, Ala., and R. Bratti Associates, Alexandria, Va. Masonry Arts furnished and installed the blast-resistant windows and replacement limestone. Bratti's stone contracting company restored 3000 cubic feet of damaged limestone (15% of the total) onsite.