Stone restoration workshops from Cathedral Stone Products Inc., were recently hosted by the International Masonry Institute (IMI) for architects, engineers, and construction managers in New York. Over 60 attendees were at the workshops, held in Queens and at IMI's John Scola Training Center in Long Island City, N.Y., to learn how to turn back the clock on aging building structures.

The attendees received hands-on training in applying restoration mortars and an in-depth overview in stone restoration systems. Problems associated with aging stone and masonry include: fractures, displacements, and facades that need pinning or reinforcement.

Restoration is typically less expensive than replacing structures if at least 50% of the original stone or masonry structure still remains. Also, this system has been used in the past on such landmarks as the Empire State Building and the Washington Monument.

“Credited workshops like these help keep BAC Local 1 members informed and proficient,” said John Bachenski, IMI director of industry training and technical development. “Historic buildings and older masonry structures may have been built with materials or methods that are no longer readily available. So repairs require a systematic approach, beginning with an understanding of the past and future function of the entire building envelope,” he said.